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How to Take Care of Your Sportswear Orlando Magic Jerseys

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One of the biggest problems when people are looking to getautographed jerseys signed is that they never get a good signature or autograph. This is mainly because of the fabric of the item or the shape of the item. So what I will Endeavour to do is give you some helpful tips to ensure that your signed football shirts carry a great signature and that all of your signed autographs look as good physically possible. Let's say that you are trying to get a Chelsea signed shirt autographed by several players, in this case it is best to use a folder or a large book to stretch the shirt so that the jersey is tight. The reason for this is very simple it allows the celebrity to sign on a level surface, therefore, getting you a better autograph. If you are getting a multi signed item then you can affect where the players sign the shirt so you get maximum impact in the centre of the shirt thus making sure your Chelsea signed shirts look like great pieces of memorabilia. I often get asked by customers can you get me a signed cricket bat or signed golf ball these items are often awkward to carry about so you should be selective about what you collect assigned golf balls are 1) Very difficult to sign 2) Sometimes awkward to transport and 3) very difficult to display. A case in point are movie posters or sports posters they are very large and cumbersome and very easily damaged, so I would suggest to those of you out there who are thinking of getting signed posters to use Memorabilia shows where celebrities are signing to get those done unless you have contacts who can get items signed for you. I have collected many famous autographs of golf memorabilia and movie memorabilia on the weirdest items for example I have had star wars figurines signed golf clubs signed and also ladies bras signed!!! There is no end to what you can get autographed. I have even had golf shoes signed and once it was mounted and framed it looks spectacular. But a word of warning before you go out and try and get something huge signed you must always have a space for it. I went out a couple of years ago to collect unusual items of music memorabilia, mostly signed guitars I had a great time collecting the stuff, only problem was I had nowhere to store the signed music memorabilia at home so I had to ask friends to babysit my guitars, unfortunately one of my friends had a party and guess what... yes someone decided to play the guitar and proceeded to remove two of the autographs from the item. So with that little story in mind plan what you are going to collect but more importantly be able to display the item or store it securely.

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